How many halfpint cartons of water are needed to fill the gallon container

16 halfpint cartons of water are needed to fill the gallon container

How do you calculate the volume of concrete needed to fill a 55 gallon drum?

55 gallons of concrete fill a 55 gallon container.

When the mixture call for 2oz to a gallon liquid what if my container is 24oz?

24 oz is 3/16 of a gallon. You would need 3/8 oz of product for the 24 oz mixture. Unless you have a very precise way of measuring a part of an ounce, you might be better off making the mixture in a gallon container and transferring the mixture to your 24 oz container as needed.

How many ounces goes in a 32-1 gas an oil ratio?

if you are using gallon container ( for example) a gallon is 128oz . divide the number of ounces of the container by the ratio which is 32:1. so divide 32 into 128oz. the answer is how much oil in ounces is needed for 32:1. that's the way for اطفال" all ratios.

How many fluid ounces are needed to fill a gallon container?

1.0 U.S. gallon = 128 fluid ounces = 4 quarts = 8 pints = 16 cups

How long do ladybugs live in a plastic container?

It depends if you have enough needed supplies. In science, we put ladybugs into gallon containers and they seemed to survive the 3 week study period. BUT, ladybugs should be released into their natural habitat.

How many 250 ml cartons of apple juice must Mrs Bates buy in order to fill a jug of capacity 2 liters?

there are 1000ml in a litre. therefore 2x1000 = 2,000ml 2000/250 gives 8. 8 cartons needed

How do you become a supplier for The Container Store?

By supplying the company with the material needed to manufacture the container.

Quarts of milk needed to make gallon of ice cream?

1 gallon = 4 quarts 1 quart = 0.25 gallon

16 ounces in a gallon?

yes there is 16 ounces in 1 gallon. everybody that needed this your welcome!

How many pints of water is needed to fill a 6 gallon bucket?

48 pints are needed.

How much does a gallon of water cost?

It depends where you are and why it is needed.

How many qts is needed to make a gallon?

Four of them.

What kind of container needed to freeze soup?

You can freeze soup that is totally cooled in ziplock freezer bags. Or, in a sealed freezer-proof container.

Why does the warning do not incinerate is needed on aerosol containers?

The container will explode when heated.

How much milk is needed to make a gallon of ice cream?

About 8 pounds. That's as much as a gallon of fresh water

How may btu's are needed to heat one gallon of cooking oil?

The question is missing a lot of information needed to answer.

How many gallons are needed for 19 quarts?

4.75 gal 1 gallon = 4 quarts 1 quart = 0.25 gallon

How many gallon of gas is needed for a 152-mile trip?

The answer will depend on how many miles per gallon the vehicle gets.

How many cubic feet of are there in 1 Gallon of Liquid oxygen?

Since a gallon is actually a measure of volume, the information about the liquid oxygen is not needed. 1 gallon = 0.134 cubic feet.

How many 20L jerrycans fit in 1x40ft container?

The other two dimensions of your container will be needed to calculate a volume. Then you can convert 1000cm cubed into one litre

How much would it cost to drive 480 miles if you get 20 miles a gallon at 3.75 a gallon.?

480 miles @ 20 miles per gallon = 24 gallons needed 24 gallons @ $3.75 per gallon = $90

How many quarts needed to make twelve gallons?

48 qts 1 gallon = 4 quarts 1 quart = 0.25 gallon

If a product costs 21.62 a gallon how much is the gallon cost at 256 gal dilutted 4 oz to a gallon?

21.62 a gallon. Regardless of how much you buy or how far you dillute the product; it still costs 21.62 a gallon. This is the answer I believe you are seeking. There are 128 ounces in a gallon. You want four ounces in each of 256 gallons. You will need 1024 ounces of additive for the 256 gallons. 1024 ounces of additive needed divided by 128 ounces per gallon equals 8 gallons of additive needed...

What is a baitwell?

A baitwell is a water-filled container for preserving live bait until needed.

How much oxygen is needed in a 5 gallon tank?

If you are referring to Air pumped from an "aerator' Then the answer is "none". A filter is needed not an air pump.

How many grapes are needed to make one gallon of wine?

well it depends

How much salt is needed in an 18000 gallon pool?

12 40lb bags

How can you make coolant?

One gallon and antifreeze and one gallon of water are needed to make coolant. They are then mixed together in a large bucket and then pour into your vehicles radiator.

How many pounds of gravel will be needed in a 5 gallon fish tank?

a good rule is to use a pound of substrate per gallon of water in any aquarium

If you have 19 quarts of liquid how many gallon and pint containers are needed?

2 pints = 1 quart 4 quarts = 1 gallon 19 quarts is therefore 4 gallons (= 16 quarts) and 6 pints (= 3 quarts) 10 containers are needed ; 4 one gallon containers and 6 one pint containers.

What is the ratio of the birch sap needed to maple sap needed to yield on gallon of syrup?

5 or yield 1gal.of syrup

How big a pot needed for ten pounds rice?

Container with a capacity of 5.28 gallons is required.

If Jackson needed 2 pints of milk for his recipe and he had one gallon of milk how much did he use?

He used 1/4 of the gallon (2 pints or 1 quart). 1 gallon = 4 quarts 1 quart = 2 pints ~ 1 gallon = 8 pints

How much sand is needed to fill 1000 gallon tank?

1000 gallons of sand

How many gallons of gas needed for 3 quarts?

That is approximately 3/4 gallon

How many quarts of water needed to replace an 5 gallon fish tank?

5 milk jugs becase a 5gallon tank is five1 gallon milk jug

How many 20 fl oz equal a gallon?

Six and two fifths 20 fluid ounces are needed to fill 1 gallon. A US gallon consists of 128 fluid ounces. 20 fluid ounces = 0.15625 (that's 5/32) of 1 US gallon.

If 15 quarts are needed how many gallons and quarts should you buy?

3 gal and 3 qts 1 gallon = 4 quarts 1 quart = 0.25 gallon

How much household bleach do i add to your 4500 gallon pool?

I would add only 1/4 of a gallon if the level is 0. Then check the level and add a little if needed.

How much gas does it cost to travel 406 miles and you get 24 miles to the gallon?

16.91 gallons of fuel are needed. Multiply by the cost per gallon for the financial cost of the journey

If 3.25 oz oil for is needed for 8 gallon of gas then how much oil for 1 gallon gas?

Divide 3.25 by 8, it will be just under a half oz of oil.

If 8 oz will mix 20 gal how many oz are needed per gallon?

8 oz divided by 20 gallons makes 0.4 oz per gallon!

How many gallon of gas would bc e needed to go 851 miles with gas costing 5 dollars per gallon?

The price of the gas is irrelevant ! It depends entirely on how many miles per gallon the vehicle travels !

How many gallons of gas would be needed to drive 738 miles if the car gets 34 miles to the gallon?

who much money would I need to drive 750 mile on a 25 mile to the gallon and gas prices are 1.98 a gallon

What sized tank is needed for a green tree frog?

Probably around 5,10 gallon tank.

How many gallons of sap are needed to make 1 gallon of syrup?

It varies, but approximately 40.

How big is a 1994 Chevy suburbans fuel tank?

42 gallon which is needed on these gas hogs.

How many quarts of water will you need to fill a three gallon tank?

12 quarts are needed

What breaker size is needed for 60 gallon hot water tank?

Usually 30 amp

Much glue needed to install 10 square yards of carpet?

1 gallon of adhesive


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